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At Cogniskills Learning Enhancement Centre, we embrace the idea that intense focused training can strengthen weak learning skills. Our Cognitive Skills Enhancement program achieves maximum results in the shortest period of time, stretches abilities, makes skills automatic, and builds tremendous concentration. It targets and trains those skills that are most likely to have a meaningful impact on academic abilities and performance. We assess underlying or inherent skills. Identifying these skills will help determine which ones need to be strengthened for easier, more effective learning. Online Assessment: First, we identify the weak cognitive skills through our online battery of cognitive test parameters. A sure benefit of this exercise would be to identify those students who need our one-on-one cognitive training. Our Programs: We strengthen weak cognitive skills through dynamic training and practice with our Online training, One-on-One(private) and Group(for schools) programs. The programs are fun, non-academic, and brain-stimulating exercises that stretch a child's mental abilities within a short period of time. Our Reading and Spelling program trains reading at a basic sound-to-code level and completely transforms a student’s basic reading system. It encourages fluency and comprehension and helps students read better for a lifetime. Our Organization and Study Skills program is aimed at helping students get better organized and develop good study skills. Our Speech/Language program helps individuals produce speech sounds correctly and fluently, enables them put words together, increase vocabulary, and improve use of language in a socially appropriate way. We are of the opinion that every child can learn, no matter the disability. Improvement is recorded in weeks(not years). The results have been outstanding!!!

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