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Difficulties in learning experienced by children can lead to fear of failure and to overcome this problem students need constant encouragement and the reassurance that making mistakes is an integral part of the learning process. Our programs are designed to achieve the best results through intense but fun mental procedures and exercises. They develop meaningful skills that are used in the student's daily activities so that there is a high level of retention and help improve the student’s self-esteem by allowing him or her to actually see the difference in his or her performance.

Our programs are popular among children for the following reasons:

  1. Mental abilities are stretched.
  2. Every child can use it regardless of the nature and severity of his learning difficulty.
  3. The brain is stimulated in a fun way.
  4. It is not subject-based- slow learners hate subjects.
  5. Deals with the root-causes of learning challenges.
  6. Enhances all learning skills, but focuses more on weak skills.
  7. What is learnt becomes automatic.
  8. It enables the child deal better with his studies.
  9. It is action-packed. No idle moment.
  10. It is fun! Doesn’t look or feel like school work, yet the child is learning without even knowing it.
  11. Average and high performance achievers can use it to step up their academic performance level or to stay on top of the game as the case may be.
  12. What is learnt stays permanent with the child.
  13. Assessment tests exist to evaluate progress made.

Training can be done on-line in the comfort of the home or at school if provided with computers and Cogniskills monitors progress on-line as well.

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