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In the western world, before the 1960s, children with learning difficulties were often described as “dumb”, “mixed-up”, and “lazy”. They are still given such labels in present-day Nigeria even though they are smart in some ways, are not crazy, often try very hard, and ‘’would learn if only they could’’. Learning or reading problems can have destructive and emotional effects on the individual. Persistent learning failure leads to anguish, embarrassment and frustrations. The strain and frustration of underachieving can cause them to be reluctant to go to school, to throw temper tantrums before school or in some cases to play truant. Some resort to bullying other students, cheating, stealing, experimenting with drugs and suicide in extreme cases. ‘In general’, states Nancy Reagan, whose son is dyslexic, ‘learning disabilities can destroy lives’.

Instructors and Trainers/Teachers had in the past addressed observed learning difficulties in children/pupils by subjecting children/wards to the so-called “extra lessons” after school hours. A struggling child finds these extra lessons more frustrating because it is an extension of school work which is already a struggle for him/her.

or this reason, cognitive skills training procedures are designed like video games and are not subject-based. The child thinks it is all a game as he passes from one level to a more challenging level. When he begins to rise to higher levels he is more encouraged, all the time thinking it is a game but the brain is highly impacted. It is fun! And the child is getting better with his grades. He is more confident, school work starts to get interesting, and self-esteem is restored.

The best result is achieved through constant practice and repetitions, immediate feedback, and positive reinforcement. Constant practice and repetitions enable what is learnt to become automatic. The child needs to know immediately, that (s)he has made a mistake and is given an opportunity to correct those mistakes. Positive reinforcement acts as a motivator to children especially those who had lost confidence and or developed a low self esteem due to constant struggles with learning

Advances in learning methods have identified COGNITIVE SKILLS ENHANCEMENT TECHNIQUES as the way forward. In Europe and America, top learning schools and facilities have adopted learning support approach, which we now offer as the way forward.

Due to the specialized nature of this approach, learning support approach is not part of the formal curriculum but is provided with the help of specialized consultants on a call-out basis or as an adjunct to the normal scheme of work.

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