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Benefits of Cognitive Training

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The program is very effective in strengthening weak learning skills and unlocking the learning potential of struggling students because we address the root cause of learning problems, not the symptoms.

Results are achieved in the shortest period of time (from 6 weeks).

Online Assessment Test: Prior to training, an assessment test is conducted online to identify the cause of the learning problem (weak cognitive skills), determine to what degree these skills are weak and strengthen them during training and drills.

It is unique and the first of its kind in Nigeria.Our programs provide the basic training required for the individual to become an independent learner for life.

Training can be done on a one-on-one basis or as a group and will be properly monitored.

The program is not for slow learners only, it is also for average academic achievers and the high performance level achievers who want to remain on top of the game.

Students become highly motivated to learn. Former slow learners regain their self- confidence and their self-esteem is also restored.

Learning becomes easier, faster and more effective for all participants in our program.

The total package and its implementation in any school boosts the image of that school.

Train the Brain; Unlock the Potential. THE RESULTS HAVE BEEN OUTSTANDING!

We emphasise :

Unlocking the learning potential of slow learners and learning disabled children Equipping slow learners and learning disabled children with the tools necessary for effective learning. Providing for the greater involvement of parents of children with learning difficulties in the education of their children; Preparing children for social inclusion and re-integration into the main stream classroom; Supporting children rather than chastise them; Easing over-all work load of class teachers and heads of schools. Careful monitoring, evaluation and recording.

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