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About us

about us

Cogniskills Learning Enhancement Center is a learning enhancement and improvement resource facility, which provides cognitive skills training, and enablement assets that target the underlying mental and reading skills of its clients that are vital for easy, fast and effective learning. This is done through intense, challenging procedures that significantly impact mental abilities positively. Cognitive skills are the underlying tools that enable us to successfully think, prioritize, plan, understand, visualize, remember, create useful associations and solve problems. These skills include: attention, working memory, processing speed, visual processing, logic and reasoning, auditory processing, long-term memory and comprehension skills. Each of these skills plays a specific and necessary role, and must work in concert before an individual can learn effectively. Weak skills result in a diminished capacity to learn and perform. Cognitive skills are vital not only for learning but also for various tasks or jobs that require different levels of mental abilities. Consequently, if these cognitive skills are developed and strengthened, more effective work is done. For over 40 years, science has continued to confirm that cognitive skills can be developed and strengthened. Our programs are based on scientific learning and reading principles that have been researched and developed in the United States of America and South Africa by a multi-disciplinary team of professionals, to quickly and significantly build those underlying mental skills which are responsible for effective learning. This is a totally new concept and the first of its kind in Nigeria, though widely used in United States and Europe.

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Lagos Address:
12 Tunde Fisayo Street
Off Admiralty Way
Lekki, Lagos State.

Port Harcourt Address:
3, Brentwood Close,
Inside School To Land Authority Complex,
ADP Road,
Port Harcourt, Rivers State.

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